Want to Play Poker? Check These Apps Out

With a Casino Royale air, poker was exclusive, and it was like only the rich and famous were able to play it. But not today, with technological advances, poker has been made more accessible.

There has been an onslaught of poker apps on online gaming platforms, and people are playing to their hearts fill. The endearing thing is that the games are real and they carry the same rules as if one was playing at a roundtable.

Now, as much as the apps are many and available, it does not mean that they are all good. After some scrutiny, the following are some of the best-rated poker apps out there.


A name synonymous with sports betting, Bet365 entered the online gaming world with a desktop and mobile app. You will have no problem setting up the game. As a new player, you get a New Player bonus which you will have to claim after adding money into your account. Join one of the daily tournaments held to win big and get better at poker.

BetSafe Poker

If you would love to play poker but are afraid of breaking into the game, then this app is for you. It has been created to make it easy for newbies to learn and practice their poker playing skills.


Talk about an app that is favoured by users. PokerStars comes highly recommended by many players who play it on both Android and iOS platforms. Both newbies and seasoned players enjoy playing poker on this app.

888 Poker

If you find aesthetically pleasing apps and great gaming opportunities delightful, then you should get 888 Poker. It is easy to use, the visuals are out-of-this-world, security is top-notch, and it can be played on all platforms. 888 Poker offers the best Welcome Bonus with a free ticket to a tournament and doubling of your first deposit amount.

These are just a few of the many excellent apps out there. Sample them out, if you find what you like, stick to it.

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