Identify and Combat Cheating at Casinos

Just like so many other things in this world, you will meet dishonest people who want to win in casinos using malpractices. They usually cross all the limits which include cheating in various ways to win. Casinos have placed measures to combat cheats in their establishments, but some of them slip through them.

We will identify some of the cheating methods and how they can thwart them.

Let us start with dealers who are given specific training to sniff out cheaters. This is especially true for Live Blackjack Tables. When they suspect someone is cheating, they are supposed to report them to the floor supervisor. But more often than not, dealers are easily fooled by people who have given years perfecting their cheating methods. Even if camera surveillance is placed everywhere, those who cheat have mastered the art of avoiding suspicion.

The next cheating ploy is the use of marked cards. This often happens in card games. The cheater usually adds a particular kind of dye on the cards which can only be seen using infrared cameras. Many casinos have placed a lot of measures to try and detect such cards using infrared light bursts and using high frame cameras to review games and pluck out the perpetrators.

Another trick is card counting which has evolved significantly. Card counters now use a more modern method which involves the use of infrared technology to count cards.

To stay ahead of the casino, those who have the job of securing the casinos both land-based and online, visit gambling forums. Someone might let slip on the new cheating that are ploys out there.

With all these different ways of cheating and much more due to advancement in technology, one has to keep their wits while at the casino. It will help you sniff out the cheats. When in a casino or playing a game in a private setting, lookout for the following to know whether you are being cheated or not:

  • Pay attention to your opponent’s associates. They usually work in teams
  • Pay attention to any suspicious objects on the table

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