Avoid These Habits at a Poker Game

Poker is a very disciplined game. So, if you develop or already have the following bad habits, you will find yourself not being invited back for games or notice people avoiding playing with you.

Glancing to the Right When You are About to Fold

It is a physical signal to everyone that you are going to fold. Just like lifting your cards, it shows your weak hand and is also a giveaway to the other players that you have a strong hand and you are not folding.

Preparing to Fold Early

It involves lifting one’s cards early and when it is not their turn to make a move. Doing so is a sign of weakness. It is also a dead giveaway the next time you play with the same group of people.

Talking When You Have a Strong Hand

It is a habit which is more often than not a giveaway to your opponents that you are feeling lucky thanks to a strong hand. Try to cut this practice and enjoy watching your adversaries fall for your strong hand.

Playing Your Strong Hands Unhurriedly

It is characteristically done by newbies and half experienced players who try to play a smart game by revealing their strong hand at a slower pace. Your best bet is to play your strong hands, be unpredictable aggressively.

Counting Chips Prematurely

Another rookie mistake is counting your chips early even before it is your chance to play. Play it cool, do not jump the gun.

Sitting Just Anywhere

Take your time to select a seat that will be an advantage to you. Taking the first place you see might not work to your advantage as you might sit at a table that does not have a good game.

Being Liquored up at a Game

It is a known fact that when one drinks, their reasoning abilities take a nosedive. So playing a game of poker and drinking do not mix well if you need to win.

These are some of the habits that might come in the way of you winning a poker game.

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