The Different Variations of Casino Games Found in the World

Casino games are a never-ending wheel of change. Going down the historical tunnel of table card games, you will notice that some additions or subtractions have allowed games such as roulette and blackjack evolve significantly. That being said, these games differ in various parts of the world.

The following are some of the best games from around the world:


This game is a variant of Baccarat, and it originated in Havana, a city in Cuba. It was brought into the United States of America in the 1940s where it has gained popularity since then. Other countries playing this game are Australia, Finland, Canada, and Sweden. PuntoBanco involves comparing player’s hand with the bank’s hand and betting on the winning one.


This game originated from another game known as Hazard from England and gained popularity in New Orleans during the Second World War. It’s played with two dice which get rolled with a bet on whether the dice will pass a line or not. A maximum of 20 people can play this game.

PaiGow Poker

It originated from China and was taken from PaiGow, a Chinese traditional domino game. The casino is the opponent in this game, so players do not play against each other. One has to be thoroughly acquainted with the rules to play this game as it offers different ways to win.


This Asian game is thousands of years old and was used to raise funds to win a war and build the Great Wall of China. Throughout the years, it has changed to evolve into a game with several variations around the world. Its core rule involves picking a number after which a draw is made and if yours is selected, you win.

American Roulette

This game differs from its counterpart, European roulette, in that it has 37 pockets making your odds of winning 1 in 37. The numbers on the wheel are set differently with a single zero slot and a double zero slot.

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