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We are a website that talks about all things card games and poker. When you visit our site, you will get to enjoy news about poker from all over the world, get links to notable blogs covering poker content, videos on poker, pro poker players profiles including rules and regulations of online poker.

We endeavour to give you, our visitor, information on the strategies you will need in poker, news on poker and results of famous poker tournaments around the world. We also give you information on the best online poker sites to visit and where to go to find bonus deals. All the information on online poker that you seek, we strive to give it to you in a single place.

We also have opinion pieces and articles on people who are notable authorities on poker. They give game analysis and much-needed insights on anything that touches on poker.

We delve into investigative reporting when it comes to news touching on poker and other card games. Rest assured that, if there is breaking news involving poker, we are on top of it to give you a blow by blow update.

If you have any leads on card games and poker or you feel you have an opinion piece to share with the masses, you can always have your voice heard on our platform. Share any news, information or advice on our website.

That said, we want you to view our website as a source of unbiased poker information, news and poker articles. Let us talk poker.

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