Blitz Tables – The Modern Electric Poker Table

Blitz tables are a modern way of playing poker. It puts a whole new twist on playing poker with its 84-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 4K. Players can use their hand gestures to move the cards.

It is a ten person table that allows a player to play a side game in the middle of hands. As the official producers, Jackpot has seen a steady increase in the purchase of these tables as it has increased awareness for poker. The added advantage of allowing players to play other games on the side has dramatically made it endearing.

These tables are aimed at luring in the millennials to the game of poker. As it is well known, this is a generation who have grown up using computers in their hands. So it makes sense that they will find this form of poker more endearing.

Its touchscreen is a lot of fun to use with its many touch points. Its flexible which allows you to play other games such as baccarat or blackjack while waiting for a hand is still exciting. Oh, did we mention you can even order a drink while playing on this table? Great tech!

As it gains popularity, it will be great to see people embracing this new tech-savvy poker table. Watching the antics of poker playing being carried out on an electric touchscreen will be an exciting thing.

Having been bought for cruise ships and in land-based casinos, the producers of the tables say that there is an ever-increasing demand by private home players. But the restricting laws that govern gambling and gaming have put a leash on personal purchases for now. So, for those who were thinking of getting themselves a table, it might be a little too soon for that. But the producers are working on getting the law enforcers to approve it for private use.

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